Stopwatches and Timers Calibration

We specialise in perfecting precision for all your timekeeping needs. Whether you require accurate timing for medical/pharmaceutical needs, scientific experiments or industrial processes, our calibration expertise ensures your stopwatches and timers perform at their peak, delivering reliable and consistent results. ISOLAB uses a Rubidium Standard, which is also a ptf GlobalTyme Receiver.

Traceable Universal Counter as Reference Standard

For the lowest measurement uncertainty, ISOLAB uses a National Metrology Centre (NMC Singapore) traceable Universal Counter as reference standard operating at 10 MHz. frequency.

Lowest Uncertainty of 0.04 Milliseconds

Our comparison measurement can determine nano-seconds resolution as a reference to our Universal Counter and achieve the lowest measurement uncertainty of 0.04 milliseconds.

Our Inhouse and On-site Stopwatch and Timer Calibration Capabilities include

  • Analog Stopwatches
  • All Digital Stopwatches (Resolution from 0 to 0.001 seconds)
  • Analog TImers
  • Digital Timers
  • Analog and Digital Counters
  • Panel Mount Timers (Capabilty from .5 second)
  • Multi-channel Timers
  • Analog and Digital Quartz Clocks
  • Timer Controllers
  • Autoclave Timers etc