Humidity Calibration

ISOLAB is one of the leaders for relative humidity calibration in the region. With extensive expertise in calibrating temperature humidity meters, loggers, transmitters, dew / frost point meters, thermohygrographs, and sling psychrometers, we have earned a reputation as one of the most dependable relative humidity calibration laboratories.

Dew-Point/Frost-Point Calibration

Ensure optimal gas environments to avoid condensation and frosting, critical in industries where frost impacts product quality and safety. Dew point (td) is the humid air temperature at which water vapor pressure equals saturation pressure, causing condensation. Frost point (tf) is when vapor pressure equals ice’s saturation pressure, forming frost. Frost point protects plants from freezing. Dew point and frost point differ in temperatures below 0° C, but share saturation vapor pressure.

Compliant with International Relative Humidity Standards

We keep ourselves updated on the latest standards from countries around the world including the IEC Guides, NPL (UK) Humidity Guides, EURAMET (Europe) Humidity Guides, WHO/ ISPE (International Society Pharmaceutical Engineering) Enclosure Calibration Guides, NIST and ASTM traceability.

Wide Relative Humidity Capabilities

Our relative humidity (RH) capability ranges from 5% RH up to 95% RH with temperatures from -20°C to 60°C. With precision loggers, our space can accommodate a large volume of equipment in a single calibration event for warehouses and logistics facilities.

Climatic Chambers Calibration

ISOLAB boasts a wide range of climatic chambers calibration sourced from leading manufacturers in Japan and the USA. Renowned for their stability and uniformity, these chambers allow us to accommodate multiple quantities in a single calibration setting to fulfil your most pressing needs promptly.

On-Site Calibration

We bring our equipment directly to your facility to validate your climatic chambers within their actual operational environment. This helps to ensure that they perform optimally across a range of setpoints for consistent results.


By examining temperature uniformity, humidity distribution, and response times, we identify any potential deviations and non-uniformities within the chamber's working volume to deliver reliable performance across testing conditions.

Our Relative Humidity Calibration Capabilities include


  • Temperature and Humidity Portable Meters
  • Thermo-hygrographs
  • Thermo-Hygro, Circular Chart Recorders
  • Dew point / Frost Point Meters and
  • Digital Manometer
  • Wireless Thermo-Hygrometers
  • Hygrometers and Portable Dew Point Meters
  • Data Logger with %RH and Temperature °C
  • Wireless Data Loggers with %RH and Temperature °C
  • Temperature and Humidity Transmitters
  • Humidity Indicator with Transmitters
  • Temperature and Humidity Indicator with Transmitters
  • Large display indicators
  • Humidity-Temperature Controllers
  • Duct Mount Transmitters
  • Panel Mount Humidity Indicators
  • Weather Meters


  • Humidity (RH) Alarming and Monitoring Systems
  • Relative Humidity In-situ verification
  • Building Maintenance System (BMS) Temperature and Humidity Devices
  • Temperature and Humidity Enclosures
  • Climatic Chambers
  • Refrigerators and Coolers
  • Logistics and Warehouse Temperature and Humidity Mapping
  • Walk-in Cold Rooms and Chillier Rooms Relative Humidity In-situ verification
  • Walk-in Freezer Rooms Relative Humidity In-situ verification
  • Mobile Cold Chain Trucks and cold chain Transportation Vehicles Relative Humidity In-situ verification