Isolab calibration laboratory is a specialist in Temperature, Humidity and Pressure calibration, with all calibration traceable to National and International standards and compliant with ISO standards. ISOLAB calibration offers competitive pricing with full recall system. With environment-controlled laboratory and support from a team of experienced technical personnel, we provide measurement and testing, in-house and on-site calibration services.


With the technical expertise of the calibration officers partnered with state-of-the-art calibration instruments, customers are assured that all calibration services to be rendered within Isolab’s laboratory will be performed at the highest possible standards. Customers can choose from endorsed or traceable calibration services depending on the requirements.

Measurement and Testing services are also offered.

To meet the fast turn-around delivery requirements of customers, we are offering the Isolab Express Services:

* Express Calibration Services – within 3 days
* Express Certificate – 3 hours
* Express Courier – 3 hours

Please see the complete list of all the in-house calibration capabilities we offer on the Calibration Scope section.


Isolab ensures that customers will receive the same in-house quality of expertise when they choose on-site calibration services. Customers can have a high level of confidence that their equipment will be well taken-cared of by our professional on-site team. Choose this service to avoid any worries of instruments damage during transport, logistics hassles and lessen interruptions and production downtime. Talk to our sales specialists in scheduling and planning your next on-site calibration requirement and they will be more than willing to assist you on this.

* Temperature
* Humidity
* Pressure
* Electrical
* Air Velocity and Air Flow
* Sound Level
* Stopwatches and Timers
* Non-Contact Tachometer

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