ISOLAB (Singapore) Pte Ltd was incorporated on 16 August 1993 and jointly owned by ACEZ Instruments Pte Ltd (formerly ACEZ Engineering & Trading) and Isothermal Technology Ltd (Isotech). In May 2001, ISOLAB (Singapore) Pte Ltd was fully acquired and became a subsidiary of ACEZ Instruments Pte Ltd.

In March 2003, ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation was achieved in a number of scopes as the need for standards compliance increased.

Today, we offer various calibration services that satisfy customer requirements for standards compliance.

our mission

We care, we provide accurate measurements and solutions for a green, productive and sustainable world.

our vision

Offer high integrity and confidence level calibration services in temperature, pressure, humidity, dew point, airflow and various electrical parameters for the industries, either in-lab or on-site to ensure customers’ environmental and process measurements are adhering to the stated requirements and tolerances by performing IEC17025 accredited and traceable calibration services for the Asian market.

  • our people
  • The Facilities
  • The Quality
  • Calibration Capabilities

Our People

We receive training from NMC-Singapore and other industry leaders of calibration and participate in inter-laboratory comparisons to ensure technical competency in our calibration services. With a full range of equipment, we are able to consistently meet quick turn-around time that satisfy customers’ emergency situations.

The Facilities

ISOLAB (Singapore) Pte Ltd is conveniently located in Joo Koon (450m from Joo Koon MRT) with ample parking space. With environment-controlled laboratory, many calibrations are completed in our in-house full service calibration, as well as on-site calibration at our customers’ location.

The Quality

With over 25 years of experience in metrology, ISOLAB (Singapore) Pte Ltd has become a specialist in Temperature, Humidity and Pressure calibration with all calibration traceable to National and International standards, compliant with ISO.

Calibration Capabilities

ISOLAB (Singapore) Pte Ltd has the most calibration capabilities in Temperature, Humidity and Pressure to serve various industries. We serve all industries including instrumentation, manufacturing, aerospace, biomedical, petrochemical, offshore oil and gas, ship management, logistics, food & beverage, high tech, other calibration laboratories and many more.

A Member Of The ACEZ Group Of Companies

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